TwoSwissGirls is a marketing, corporate communications, and social media strategy firm based on bettering the client brand and message.

For this unique approach, we come from a highly educated and well-experienced background. Catherine and Ingrid met in at business school where they collaborated often on professional and international projects with real clients. They started their work in Geneva, but in recent years have focused their efforts in the U.S.

Don’t have the time, energy, or desire to create your strategy for social media? Let Ingrid do it. As an engineer by background, she spent years being meticulous, managing projects, and seeing programs through to completion. After running her own on-line business and loving the creative side, she’s decided to now do the work for others.

Not sure where to start and which market, product, or part of the organization to focus on? Let Catherine create a study for you on the current state of the situation. She has a highly-admired skill for seeing things as they could be and backs it up with real data. Her client resume is large and she has worked with products in every industry.



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