Mario Testino

Ingrid and Catherine worked closely with this celebrity photographer to help him find a new product for his next project.  For six months, we researched distribution channels, geographical locations, and target markets. The product is still under NDA, but as soon as it hits stores, no one will be left out.

 Olympian Labs (Unleash Your Inner Olympian)

Here again, Catherine and Ingrid worked closely to head up their marketing and social media departments.  Programs included kick-starting their social media reach from the ground up, identifying MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing), and re-organizing their sales team.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, coincidentally where the TwoSwissGirls went to business school, this $8mil supplements company is off to a great start!


Here, Ingrid was alone for almost three years after school.  She back to her hometown of New York City to head the Project Management Office for Distributed Engineering (all desktop and server software and hardware protocol for Citigroup global).  She enjoyed her time in the Big Apple, but then was happy to re-join Catherine again on the west coast after her tenure with one of the largest banks in the world.

Merrill Lynch

File Management these days is a top priority in any organization.  During this project, Ingrid worked with the legal group at ML to ensure all data was organized and safely recorded.  Working out of the Wall Street location, she enjoyed seeing the banking industry from the heart of it.

Dubai First

One of TwoSwissGirls’ first clients, this is a premier consumer bank from the UAE.  They compete with Citibank as well as numerous other branch-based financial services providers.  TwoSwissGirls created their social media strategy as well as their daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Starting in 2005, Ingrid quickly came on board as a business analyst with a boutique consulting firm for The company has grown to great proportions since then and she’s happy to be along for the ride.  Although her expertise lies mainly in project and program management of implementations, she’s more than happy to lend advice when it comes to integrating social media.

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